Shower Head Changed

I changed the shower head of my apartment. It was not easy to use the old one because it was attached on the wall and had a little bit ability to move so that it needed more time to wash away my body than I expected.

When I consulted the agent of the apartment about changing the shower head to a new one which my friend gave me, she asked the personnel to do it kindly. But the personnel who came actually today was the one whom I had hated. Oh my god!

A day ago he came to my room to watch scratches and defects in my room, he didn't try to see them. Additionally he explained to the agent that scratches were very small and that pictures which I reported were just what were expanded by my zoom camera. Those were really false! I asked the agent again so that she made the actual painter come.

Today although he smelled a little bit, he was a little bit kind. However he didn't speak to me anything. OK, he seemed not to like me neither and to avoid any troubles with me. Yeah, that was me too!

He changed the shower head easily with his strong power!

At that time I said that "Is it necessary, the boot?", indicating the boot of the shower head base. Although my immediate English was not proper, he answered "You can use it this way"e covering the base with the boot. I really thought the boot of the old shower head would not be needed for my new shower head. But it would not matter except for the design of my bathroom. So I agreed with him and wished that I went out as soon as possible.

Then he went out without anything to say...

I have never believe that people in U.S. are satisfied at such shower heads as cannot be used well. But it's not true because is selling many kinds of shower heads. I don't know why the apartment is still equipping such a old shower head...

The rest of problem about the shower head is that the power of water pressure is weak and it results in lacking the power of the shower pressure. It's a substantial problem about my apartment which I cannot improve.

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