Emoji of UTF-8 on Blogger Unstylish

Big 3 cellphone carriers announced that they will change their emoji images to insane ones.  The following image is showing the present emoji icons in the left and the next-gen emoji icons in the right.

The reason why they should change the spec is that their emoji specs and protocols are different to other two carriers, and they've wanted to have the compatibility.

As a solution against it, they adapts UTF-8 emoji chars.  Maybe the protofol/format problems will be solved, but the display problem is remaining.  They will have to match the issue (e.g. color map) to the lowest spec device so that the number of colors will be reduced to only one. ☠

But the num of color is the same to UTF-8 that Blogger provides as the only solution of emoji.  Look at the original UTF-8 emoji chars here:

I wish emoji of UTF-8 will be updated soon with common understanding of icons, and Blogger will enjoy significant benefit from the change. ☺

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