Inland Sushi

I tried eating Sushi at Fresno, the inner California.

As a result, I realized it might be difficult to get fresh fishes in such places like Fresno.

As you know, the freshness is the most important element in the modern Sushi. The restaurant I tried in Fresno seems to be unable to get them.

When I ate the first Sushi at the restaurant, I immediately felt:
  1. The way to cook(grab) Sushi was good maybe.
  2. The size of rice was professionally small like restaurants in Ginza, Tokyo.
  3. HOWEVER, the fish on the rice was apparently defrosted from frozen condition, and it was dried too much.

Although there was just one problem, the third factor ruined all efforts of them. I guessed it's difficult to transfer fresh or alive fishes from sea to inland places in the U.S.

I hope they become able to get fresh fishes or to cook Edomae Sushi.
(In Edomae Sushi, freshness is less needed if and only if the restaurant can prepare fishes before transferring them.)

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