Trailing around Stanford

I trailed around Stanford last week.

Stanford, a city which has the Stanford University and the university occupies almost all of the city, has nice view points and good exercising and trailing roads.

As always, here are two GPS trailing logs and images rendered of the logs with Kashmir3D.
  1. RED line: The Stanford Dish [for about 1.5 hours]
  2. BLUE line: around the Lake Lagunita and the Knoll [for about 1 hour]

Although the above image can be seen in flat, the hill of the Stanford Dish seems to be a tough trailing road with sharp ups and downs. Nevertheless there are many exercising people running fast, families some of those who are pushing a stroller.

Unfortunately, the lake lagunita was dried out. In this winter, we don't have enough rain in California. Many farmer worry about drought. I don't know this reservoir can be filled with as much water in spring as students can float sailing boats. Of course, I hope so.

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