Dirty Water from the Faucet of the Apartment.

This morning, I was surprised and disappointed at the quality of water in California. Water in this morning was brown like thin tea, even though it was in a few minutes...

It may be because my apartment is so much old (about 40 years old). However almost all apartments in U.S.A. are old, I think.

Many people living in California believe that their water is clean and enough to drink. The problem might be caused not by California water but by old apartments. However drinking tap water as it is must be risky for human bodies.

I recommend not to drink water of apartments, hotels, and even restaurants in U.S.A.

By the way, we can buy water at the supermarkets. But if you watch those products, you will find some words such as "distilled" or "ozonated". Does this mean that water isn't natural but what was gotten from faucet?

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