Adjusting Wheel Alignments at Firestone

I had Firestone shop adjust wheel alignments of my car. It cost $79, very cheaper than Japan I think.

The reason why I adjusted was that my car was likely to go left and I had to lean the steering a little bit right. It may be caused by so many bumps in parking of apartments, the university, shopping centers. Although I had owned 2 cars in Japan, I had no experience to adjust wheel alignments. Those who want to adjust wheel alignments in Japan are only people who love car race and dangerous run, I think. And the cost of the wheel alignment is expensive in Japan, I think.

However the cost in the United States is very reasonable! Firestone service/mechanic staff, who is a very kind lady, indicated to me two plans: One is one time adjustment for $79. One is forever free adjustment plan for about $140. I would choose latter plan absolutely if I could stay here and use my Collora more than one year. I selected one time adjustment. I must appreciate her work because she checked my all tires and she told me that I didn't need to change tires which were almost new. And then she rotated my tires for free (usually it costs $20, she said) because three tires were of Bridgestone's (Firestone is an associated company of Bridgestone). How kind she was! (And she could speak a little bit Japanese!)

I found a good car maintenance shop!

NOTE: Please refer to the Firestone web site and get coupons when you go to the shop.

NOTE: Wheel Works at San Jose offers the adjustment for $85. America's Tire at Mountain View cann't handle the service.

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