Advanced Study of Stastics 2

Somedays ago I introduced "Manga de Wakaru the Statistics/マンガでわかる統計学".
Recently I've completed reading the 3rd book of "Manga de Wakaru the Statistics (for the factor analysis)/マンガでわかる統計学 因子分析編".

This book introduces the pricipal component analysis and the factor analysis in the Statistics with the story of a girl. With her effort and love to Mr.Yamamoto, readers can understand the knowledge easily.

The book totally seems to be fun, but there are some hard point. Especially calculation is very complexed. But the author allow us to skip some of them. Although It isn't difficult to master the skill with once read, you can read it again and again without being tired. Then you will know the essence of the pricipal component analysis and the factor analysis!!

By the way, The book is the 3rd one. In the book, Rui-chan could see Mr.Yamamoto successfully. But it was also thanks to Mrs. Igarashi. The 2nd book is the story of Mrs. Igarashi. I'm looking forward to reading it and learning the regression analysis method!

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