IRUKA (dolphin) Hunting - THE COVE

The CoveI saw the following video at this site:

It is really awful and surprising! I've never seen such a grotesque hunting as the director mentioned.
However I think it can probably be small scale and traditional fishing culture of Japan. One directional criticism is not fair. So looking for the opposite side opinion, I found a message from the rural organization in Taiji town. The message on 2003/11/01 is at the bottom of this page with English.

I wondered I wanted to go to a SELECTED theater to check the movie at a moment. However I may have been killed at the end of the movie if I went there.... So I didn't!

By the way, do most Japanese people know tours to see the Tukiji fish market in early morning are famous for foreigners? I didn't know, but it looks very popular for foreign tourists.

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