How Slow the Internet in the U.S. Is!

Today I had a trouble from Comcast, an Internet Service Provider.
Although the company causes many problems usually, today's suffering on me was that my contract was canceled by someone yesterday and I couldn't use the Internet service at all! Do you believe that? I thought I heard it from the support staff by mistake. And the staff said to me that he told his supervisor and then the service would be recovered in a few hours. So I waited for it, but it was not repaired. I had to call them, and I said my situation again. Then the service was back finally.

However it might be normal because the quality of services in the U.S. is lower than Japan. I seem to have to give up it because this is the U.S. I'm used to enduring it.

By the way, I have thought for a few months that it is a problem that the Internet speed provided by Comcast is low and the cost is so expensive. The service of Comcast is 16Mbps for $60. I had used Internet services with an optical cable in Japan for a few years. It cost 100Mbps for $45, probably.

Today I found a report about the Internet speed in the U.S. At the site, I checked my speed. The result is:
  • Download:
  • Updalod:

It means it is true for the download speed after all. However the upload speed is almost the same to the Japanese environment according to the result. As for Korea, their upload speed is lower than others.
I guess Korea and Japan earn their download speed instead of upload speed. It may come from DSL cables mainly, I guess. On the other hand, the U.S. ISPs have never done it.

So that's the reason, and it could be improved if the ISPs in the U.S. do that as well as Japan and Korea.

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