How miserable I was in May.

Finally I got fine now. However the last month was so bad to me. I wrote incidents in May, which were caused only in a month and whose sequence was like nightmare.
  1. There was something wrong with my organ.
    • Clearly I was under bowel disease. However I didn't know what happened to me.

  2. Then I had had backache for three weeks.
    • It was to hard to wake up every morning, and I couldn't sleep well every night.

      I went to a doctor, and he made me do stool examination. However no defects were found...

  3. I lost a lot of my hair.
    • When I went to a barber shop and I said "Make my hair short.", the barber suddenly cut a lot of my hair using barber clippers in a moment. There was no time to say anything like "Stop it!". I had to laugh at myself...

  4. I had a little fever.
    • Three weeks later, disease about my organ and backache got lighter. Instead, I got to have a little fever. It had continued for almost two weeks.

      I doubted I was under swine flu. However, when I went to the doctor and I took blood examination, the result was normal. The doctor didn't find anything again... I couldn't go to university for almost a month. I lost so much time because of disease.

  5. Windshield was cracked a little.
    • While I was driving my car, a truck flipped a small stone to me on a highway. As the result, the windshield of my car was cracked a little. I have to repair it before I go back to Japan in this summer.

  6. My bike was stolen.
    • While I was stopping going to university, my bike which was not used at that time was stolen at my apartment. My bike has not been found so far. It was my favorite bike which was brought from Japan...

  7. I had to plan my birthday by myself.
    • My birthday is in June. However I had to plan my birthday by myself. I conducted my wife to Santa Cruz in two days, and then had dinner at Red Lobster at San Jose. She seemed to really enjoy my birthday. I also enjoyed the day.
      By the way Red Lobster was so so. But definitely better than Red Lobster of Japan because it was cheaper than Japan.

That's all. I hope June is a good and lucky month for me!

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