I got a motorcycle license of California. - Mar 21st 2009 00:12

At last the motorcycle license card came to me.

It had been long time since I had submitted the application in December. When submitting, I wished I could understand English more until then. However my English skill had not been improved drastically. So I was really upset. Nevertheless I passed it successfully. I'd like to write how I could get the license below.

The application for the motor cycle license can be done through the Internet, I chose Mountain View-Los Altos Adult School for the place, and it cost $250.

My English tutor who is also a motorcyclist told me that I was going to have a place to discuss the traffic rules and general knowledge about motorcycles. I read the California Motorcycle Handbook to know them. After reading the handbook, I learned most English words about motorcycles which are almost the same to Japanese words. It was important for me to have as many words as possible in advance.

The program consisted of 3 days.
1st day:1 class (18:30-21:30)
2nd day:1 riding (12:30-18:00)
3rd day:1 class (7:55-11:00)
1 riding (12:30-18:00)
It is organized by MSF.

The class of the 1st day was the hardest. I got a textbook of Basic Rider Course in the lecture, and I had to read it ULTRA quickly, discuss it in a group, and give answers to my coach. Everyone did it very fast, and some members helped me. I appreciated their kindness. I had difficulties to find answers of the concept about motorcycle traffic rules in the US. However when theme went to motorcycles, it got easier for me.

For the 2nd class of the 3rd day I read the textbook fully in advance. I checked all points, so I gave members a little help in the class.

Riding motorcycles was very enjoyable. Most students were novices. So everyone was excited: someone wasn't able to stop, someone happened to stop suddenly, and someone fell down unluckly. Because I had a little experience, riding a motorcycle was easier than speaking English. But I had difficulty to turn slowly and sharply using a little American motorcycle, SUZUKI GZ250. Going over obstacles was also difficult. That's because I wasn't able to stand up on it and achieve a balance.

At last, I passed both the writing test and riding test narrowly. A little big problem about the writing test was English as I anticipated. I lost 2 questions because of the reason, but it was OK.

After the program, I had to go to the DMV to take the writing test. It's based on the California Motorcycle Handbook. Because I had read it already, it was easy. However I didn't know some English words, so I lost 4 questions. The number of maximum points I was able to lose was 4. (I had to obtain 21/25 to pass the test). I seemed to be on the edge again.

I didn't know, however there are test examples online. This is useful for the preparation of the lecture and the test at the DMV.

Anyway, I got the license today. Because my photo on the license card looks like a picture of a Hispanic person rather than of an Asian, my wife laughed it a lot. However I am happy now.

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