Death Valley - Amazing Views

The last week I went to the Death Valley National Park.

I wish the trivial questions such like "What is Death Valley?" and "Where is it?" are referred to the wikipedia page or the official guidebook.

Here, let me show you some pictures of Death Valley. These are some of pictures already uploaded to Panoramio, so my all pictures with maps can be seen at the site.

Although almost all points can be approached by car, the scale is different from the size of Japan. For example, the distance from Stovepipe well to Scotty's Castle is about 45 miles (= 72km). It deserves the distance between Yokohama and Odawara. We have to go and come back quickly, so it must take a few hours to see the point... It may be a good idea to stay out side of Death Valley because it is necessary to go back and forth if we stay the center of the park.

We stayed 2 nights at Comfort Inn of Lone Pine and the Furnace Creek Ranch. The Comfort Inn was clean, certainly comfortable, and well accessable to Death Valley.

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Cool blog - love these pictures! The sky is SO blue!