Working with Mercurial.

I prepared and practiced Mercurial. This is the operation memo.
  1. Create a Repository in the local disk.
    • hg init <repository dir>
  2. Clone a remote repository with ssh.
    • hg clone ssh://[<user>@]<host>[:<port>]//path/to/repository/dir [<repository name>]
  3. Adds new files in a new directory and commit it.
    • hg add <dir> # Add all files under <dir> recursively.
    • hg commit # Commit all files under the current dir.
    • hg push # Reflect commit to the original repository.
  4. Update another remote repository to check if the commit was done successfully, or not.
    • hg pull # Get changes from other repositories.
    • hg update # Update the changes to the local files.

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