What I Should Say in a Barber Shop - Jan 29th 2009 11:55

When I went to a barber shop for the first time in the US, I couldn't explain my order well. A barber man asked me only "Long? Middle? Short?" I said something more, he couldn't get it though. After all, we agreed with each other at "longer than Middle, but not long"

One day I tried to ask my English tutor what I should say in a barber shop. Roughly, I would like to have my hair around ears cut. He gave me examples:
  1. "Take a little off around ears."
  2. "Give me a trim around ears."
  3. "Shorten it."

I think these are enough to say because barber shops in the US don't care a little thing like Japanese barber shops do. However I am wondering how to make other orders...

This weekend I will try another barber shop and listen to others.

P.S. a lang-8 user told me another sentence: "Just a trim, please."

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