Prepared for Las Vegas

Today I received the entrance ticket to the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Although I wanted to see the exhibition, I couldn't go because I had a lot of work to do.

Now I'm at the west coast of the U.S. and I can go the CES if I wish. I submitted the entry to the CES by myself, not through the company I work for. I registered my university as my mailing address and organization. So my business associate indicated that the CES is restricted only to people related to the consumer electronics and that I could not enter the exhibition. Umm, maybe... But I'm still a worker of a consumer electronics company. Even though I am on a visiting scholar program sent by the company, I still have my own company business card. So my admission was denied, I will show it. If my admission ticket is not accepted, I will just go to casinos right away.

At the moment, I think there is no problem because my ticket arrived at my office at the university by mail.

By the way I don't know the reason CES is held at Las Vegas. Why does the place have to be Las Vegas? Is it because there are so many hotels? After all, I wonder that might be the reason because people attending there want only to play at casinos over the nights. That is my secret reason : to check it while playing together:).

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