I Successfully Upgraded My Room at a Las Vegas Hotel for $20. - Jan 18th 2009 22:08

I was able to get a better hotel room with the upgrade trick.

My friend told me about the trick. The way described in detail at and is to pass $20 with a credit card to the front desk and say "Do you have any complimentary upgrades available?".

I was worried about embarassing myself because my English pronounciation is bad. So I prepared a memo of the words in advance. And I passed it with my credit card saying "Do you mind if I say?". The front desk person received the tip, and he tried to find the best room for a few minutes. He offered two rooms, a room that had a nice view with a king size bed. I chose the king size bed one because he recommended it to me when I asked which is better. After all, I could stay two nights in front of the BELLAGIO fountain show.

By the way I have one tip and one question. The tip is that the longer the stay is the more effective the upgrade trick is. Though I stayed two nights, for 20$, the longer I stay, the better the benefit.
And my question is whether $20 was absolutely needed, or not. It's because the front desk person didn't check the amount of the bill and put it into the pocket of his pants. Wouldn't it have worked for $10?

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