I Drove a Big Pick-up Truck at the Silicon Valley Motor Show. - Jan 08th 2009 20:04

I drove a TOYOTA Tundra at the Silicon Valley Motor Show today. The Tundra is a big pick-up truck from TOYOTA USA, which isn't sold in Japan. It was my first time.

When I got in the truck, I seemed to be in a room because the cabin was soooooo wide! And surprisingly, the buttons of the radio/cd player were also big, twice the size of my index finger.

Although the car has a 5.7L engine, the sound was not very loud when I started it up. But I didn't feel the power because the gear was fixed to first, though I was surprised that it had a sports shift gear.

The test ridding course had several bad roads. When the road inclined, I saw even less of my surroundings.

Anyway, I was VERY VERY excited by the American car.
There were other cars such as Tacoma (maybe with Hybrid engine), FJ Cruiser, etc all provided by TOYOTA behind the wheel campaign though I was fully satisfied with Tundra.

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