Cyclying in San Francisco - Dec 16th 2008 17:51

Last Saturday, I went to San Francisco with my bicycle.
I planned to get on Caltrain from Palo Alto to San Francisco with my bicycle and to bike around there. It took about one hour.

At first it was fine when I arrived at San Francisco. However, once I had biked for 5 minutes, it was getting rainy and began to storm. Although I had heard that San Francisco's climate is changeable, I never imagined that it would change so quickly.

Because I had no choice, I locked my bike near the station. Then I got on the SF Municipal Railway. It was very cute and cheap ($1.50 for several hours). Unfortunately, the weather was fine again as soon as the train started ;-)

I went to Pier 39 to eat San Francisco clam chowder. I've eaten it in Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay, and Monterey. My favorite is from Santa Cruz. Eating San Francisco clam chowder didn't change my mind. Now San Francisco clam chowder is my third favorite. However I may change my mind again. So I have to keep trying other restaurants, don't I?

When I returned to Caltrain station, I found out that my bicycle had almost been stolen! The small thin wire had been cut! Although another thick wire wasn't cut, the rear brake wire had been cut, too. It was awful!

I now think it was my fault to have left my bicycle there... Going back on the train with my bike, I was thinking that I wanted to have my bike repaired as soon as possible...

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