How to Install Meadow

Meadow is an Emacs clone for the Windows native environment developed by respectable Japanese researchers and engineers. It enables us to input characters through Windows IME and to display Windows clear fonts.

Meadow can be obtained at the site. And it's easy to install it by following the download and initial set-up pages.
  1. Download the install package setup.exe or setup-ja.exe.
    • You can choose two version of Meadow: One is the stable version and another is in developing.
  2. Run setup.exe or setup-ja.exe to install Meadow.
    • During installation, the install path and the HOME directory are asked. The install directory might be C:\meadow and the HOME directory might be your My Documents folder or a folder indicated by environment variable HOME. And ImageMagick is installed with Meadow, which is used to display images in the Meadow buffer.
  3. Set environment variables, HOME and TZ
      For example, HOME would be your My Documents folder. TZ would be PST+8 in the case of California.
  4. Finally create .emacs configuration file in your HOME directory and customize it.

If you want to use gnuclient,
  1. Add the meadow binary path, e.g. C:\meadow\bin, to your PATH.
  2. If you didn't include gnuserv package dualing installation, obtain the package by using setup.exe or setup-ja.exe again. gnuserv package is in the Utils section.
  3. Set four environment variables:
    • RUNEMACS=RunMW32.exe
  4. Set up .emacs as:
    • (require 'gnuserv)
      (setq gnuserv-frame (selected-frame))
  5. Change shortcuts of Meadow to
  6. gnuclientw.exe

Then you can run Meadow through gnuclientw.exe if you have never run Meadow. If you already have run at least one Meadow, you can use the same process and window of Meadow when you run gnuclientw.exe without a new Meadow instance.

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