Car Wash and New Theatre

Today I had two events. One was Car Wash, and another was about a theatre.

It seems usual to have own car(s) washed at car wash services in California. So I did it and it was the first time for me.

In Japan, I washed my car by myself and it usually took 2 or 3 hours because I did it very very carefully. Although it was difficult to find places to wash cars in Tokyo because Tokyo was very crowded, there are some places called COIN CAR WASH. I spent a few hours to wash my car usually (with the minimum service(=high pressure water shower)).

In California, although the land is very spread, there seem no places to wash cars by oneself. It may be because of 3 reasons. One is that almost all people in California have own single houses and can wash their cars if they like. Second is that people don't care whether their cars are clean, or dirty. The last is that it is fine almost always, we seem to have rainy days only in winter, so cars are likely to remain clean.

But what should we do if people want to wash their cars and if they don't have a single house like me? Those people seem to go to car wash services. Today I tried it as the first experience...

As soon as I arrived at the service, LOZANO CAR WASH (2690 W El Camino Real Mountain View, CA 94040), which I chose and whose coupon I had, the agent conducted me to one of wash lanes. When I said "Can I use this coupon?", she ignored me... Then when I shout "Is this coupon available?", I showed me the reception sheet and indicated that the coupon was marked. Here are many Hispanic people in California. They can speak English as well as Spanish, but a few of them are not at English (but it is the same to some Europeans and they can use English very better than me). It seemed that we couldn't understand each other in English at first. With the coupon issued by Safeway supermarket, it costs US$10.99 everyday. I don't know if it is cheap or expensive. The service men and women worked very hard and quickly! It took about 15 minutes to wash my car. Although Pop corns, coffee, and juice were served at free, I didn't have a time to eat and drink them. The work was good, I think. Here are many Hispanic people in California, and California life, everything including economics, traffics, environments, and social systems, must consist of their existence. We must appreciate their hard work, mustn't we?

And then, I went to the AMC theatre at the Cupertino Square, 10123 North Wolfe Rd., Cupertino, CA 95014, to watch the new 007 movie, Quantum of Solace. Here, I avoid writing anything about the story. I'd like to mention the theatre.
The AMC theatre at the Cupertino Square is very new! It was opened in April 2007. So it was very clean and very comfortable. Because I heard that theatres are very old, cheep and dirty, I can recommend Japanese people to go there. The price is also twice cheaper, about US$8, than theatres in Japan (usually 1,800-yen(=US$18)). Also I was surprised at the size of drinks and pop corns cups! They were too big for me! I think it may be better for U.S. people just to reduce the amount of foods due to their health rather than to exercise... (Exercising needs more food and Oxygen to keep heavy and powerfully built bodies... It's not smart, I think.) The sound effects were appropriate, not roudly but not silent. Screen size was enough big. I'd like to go the AMC theatre at the Cupertino Square again to watch BEDTIME STORIES, released on Dec. 25th in 2008.

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