VANTEC eSATA PCMCIA CardBus (UGT-ST350CB) Works on CentOS-5.2 by Default

Vantec UGT-ST350CB 2-Port eSATA II-150 PCMCIA CardBus (Black)I could run VANTEC eSATA PCMCIA CardBus(UGT-ST350CB) on CentOS-5.2.

I had never found articles like this post so that I had been anxious about if it worked or not. But when I inserted the card to my old PC, the card was detected and enabled by CentOS-5.2. Now I am using SATA 2 HDDs as my home directory.

Actually VANTEC eSATA PCMCIA CardBus (UGT-ST350CB) has the Silicon Image SiI 3512 chip. So CentOS-5.2 recognizes it as two channes SATAs:
ata1: SATA max UDMA/100 mmio m512@0x24000000 tf 0x24000080 irq 9
ata2: SATA max UDMA/100 mmio m512@0x24000000 tf 0x240000c0 irq 9

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