Stanford Hair Cut

It was the first time to have my hair cut.

I had my hair cut at Stanford Hair. I didn't know how to express my desired hair style. However I tried the service without any preparation.

First, a shopper said "Hello". And I asked him whether I'm in time, or not because it is the time to close the shop. He said "OK, come on". Very friendly!

Then I was asked "How do you...?". I said "Please cut my hair around ears and back". He asked "short? middle? long?". Oh, simple selections. So I said to him "Middle plus a little bit". He said "longer than middle, or shorter than middle?". I asked "longer than middle".

So he brought the hair clippers slowly and cut my hair side and back of my head. Hair on the top was cut by scissors. While cutting, I had never been able to see my hair style. I was worried about my head because he cut roughly.

After 20 minutes, it finished. The showing is...good! He asked me "Not so bad?". I answered "Good!". It costed $18.

That's all of my first experience at the US bar bar. Simple and Short time!

I have a friend who has been to several universities to have his hair cut. I'd like to talk with him about this experience. He has named the hair styles cut by the university hair salon as XXX-cuts. So I call my current hair style Stanford-cut.

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