The Sky of California is Quite Beautiful!

Today I ran my bicycle and went to the Stanford Dish.

Actually I had planed to go to San Francisco for sightseeing today, but I was much sleepy in the morning. So I canceled San Francisco and decided to go somewhere else by bicycle. When I drove my car, I knew there is a mountain nearby the Stanford University and some people entered the mountain. I've been interested in it.

By the way it is getting colder and colder recently. And it is cloudy in the morning and it is fine from afternoon now. Today is not the exception.
When it is fine, the sky in California is very good! I like it very much. I could see the beautiful sky because I went to the mountain.

Let me show you some pictures of today.

In California, there are many squirrels in parks, towns and the university. Squirrels in the Stanford Dish mountain seem very fat. I guess there are many food for them.

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