How to Use HP Deskjet D2545 on CentOS-5.2

After my arrival, I first bought a printer, HP Deskjet D2545. Why HP? There are 3 reasons. First HP is supporting the Linux driver development. Second HP is a company of Stanford. Finally it was sold at the low price in Walmart :)

However CentOS-5.2 cannot recognize the version of Descjet D2545. Because the hplip package of CentOS-5.2 is too old, 1.6.7-4. Hplip-2.8.5 or later can handle D2545. So we must install the corresponding one.

The steps are bellow:

1. Read bellow first, and download the automatic installer.

2. Run the installer as a normal user.
$ LANG=C sh

"LANG=C" is very important. Without it, you may fail to obtain the root permission when inputting root password.

3. Resolve dependencies.
You may lack some needed package. If so, you must install them. In my case, cups-devel and libusb-devel were lacked. So I did as root:

# yum install cups-devel libusb-devel

After the automatic installation, you may reboot your Linux while the is proceeding.

4. Turn on the printer and ignore a CUPS popup window.

5. Be a root user and run "hp-setup"

6. Choose hp-deskjet_d2500_series-hpijs.ppd.gz PPD file.

7. Push some Next buttons, and then you can print a test page:)

8. Impression
It was the first time for me to use HP printer... It was very very noisy and the test page printed out leaned a little bit... ;-

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