How to Use EncFS on CentOS-5.2

Ubuntu: Powerful Hacks and CustomizationsThis is a memo of how to use EncFS on CentOS-5.2.

I moved from Fedora8 on VMWare (on WindowsXP on my Desktop PC) to CentOS-5.2 on my notebook PC as a native environment because I had to go to US in this August and make my PC environment portable.

I have thought that my secret information have to be stored in secure disk areas. With Fedora8, I could use EncFS as default, CentOS-5.2 doesn't have it however.

So I decided to port EncFS tools to CentOS-5.2 from Fedora8.

1. Needed Packages
    Packages of CentOS-5.2 are needed:
      * doxygen, tetex-latex, valgrind (for rlog) * bzip2-devel python-devel libicu-devel (for boost)
    Source packages of Fedora8 are needed:
      * rlog rlog-1.3.7-3.fc6.src.rpm
      * fuse c.rpm
      * boost src.rpm
      * fuse-encfs fc8.src.rpm

2. Install CentOS-5.2 Packages

    yum -y install <packages>

3. Build and Install Fedora8 Packages

    rpmbuild --rebuild <srpm package>

    cd /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/ rpm -ivh <target package name>.*.rpm

4. Notes

Don't use the boost package of CentOS-5.2 and fuse-encfs of Fedora8. It resulted in a runtime error:
    $ encfs /root/ef /root/ef.mnt
    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::filesystem::filesystem_error'
    what(): boost::filesystem::path: invalid name ".encfs6.xml" in path: "/root/ef/.encfs6.xml"

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