Airplane, Trains, Bus, and Car to Stanford from Narita

At last, I've arrived at Stanford. I'm now very busy to set-up my life environment:

  • Banking and Money
  • SSN
  • University Check-in
  • House
  • Driver's Lincense

But some of them were finished. Today the most important task is to decide my room in Stanford. I think the rental fee of rooms near Stanford is very expensive. Perhaps it is higher than Tokyo's one. But considering the security status, I can't help doing without selecting apartments such as the Oak Creek and the Sharon Green, I think.

By the way, let me write more detail and a lot of things later.

Today, I'd like to introduce the vehicles and a plain that I used from Narita to Stanford.

  1. United Airlines
    From Narita International Airport to SF International Airport. It took about 9 hours. The airplain was not so bad, I think.
  2. The Airtrain in SF International Airport
    This is an unmanned train which goes around the airport. I tried to take the experience and went around a half of the airport without necessary. :)
  3. BART
    This is a metro which connects Sunfrancisco and the airport. I used it between the airport and Sun Bruno and between Sun Bruno and Millbrae.
  4. Caltrain
    The most exciting portion in my trip is the Caltrain. I've never seen the big train such as this!
  5. VTA Bus (Rapid)
    To borrow a rent-a-car, I used the bus to the Hertz in the Palo Alto. To ride buses at Palo Alto, it costs $1.75, and we must pay it exactly with coins. At first, I have no coins. So I was refused to ride it. So I run to Citi Bank and change $5 bill into 25-cent coins, and tried it again. Then I could use it. But the bus was a little bit scare. So I'd not like to ride it again.
  6. Mazda3
    Finally, I am driving Mazda3 (Axela in Japan) which I borrowed from Hertz with the Hertz navigation system, Neverlost. The navigation system seems good because it is simple GPS system and it can guide routes in several languages.

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