Advanced Study of Statistics 3

I've read the book:
Manga De Wakaru Statistics for Regression Analysis
(マンガでわかる統計学 回帰分析編)

This book is the 2nd one in its series. The story is that a girl fall in love with the boy who does not know the existence of the girl. The girl tries to study the regression analysis with the book which he forgot to make him be aware of herself.

The book tells us the 2 methods of statistics:

  • Regression analysis

  • Multiple regression analysis

Each function is difficult to calculate data. The book introduces the detailed illustration and the easy way of them. Some of the most difficult points are omitted with author's comments.

In the regression analysis, we will learn the least-square method to approximate data. It will be very useful when we try to get data of the program performance and the program memory status with parameters.

So I could know regression analysis with fun by this book. Of course it is not necessary to say the ending of the story, I think.

By the way, I've read 3 books of the Manga De Wakaru Statistics series:

  1. Manga De Wakaru Statistics

  2. Manga De Wakaru Statistics for the regression analysis

  3. Manga De Wakaru Statistics for the factor analysis

This series is helpful for those who start studying statistics from zero and those who want to know how and where the knowledge of statistics can be utilised. These books have enough information to apply statistics as well as stories and pictures of pretty girls. The balance is very exquisite!

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