Honda Cycling2

Yesterday, I spent a slow day after so long. I had been busy for my wedding party. It was gone well, and I'd like to upload it's scene in the future.

Now I'd like to my event of yesterday.
I ran my bicycle arround Honda-Cho. Today's perpose is to provide the Panoramio with my photos of Honda-Cho.

Somedays ago, the Panoramio Service is public in the google map. I thoght it was the good idea and service to introduce local information visually. I checked some places in the world, many many places were fun!

Honda-cho, where I live in currently, is nothing but the local country. It is far from Tokyo in less than 2 hours by train. But I think here are much nature such as fields, parks, and creatures(animals and insectors). It is also good idea to post beautiful HOTARU(firefly) photographs in Kamatori city in June.

Fortunitely, Panoramio site had not had photos of Honda-cho because it's too new. So I decided to upload photo of Honda-cho.

Today's targets are main parks in Honda-cho. I took pictures of 3 parks. The Sakura park is my joging course, and it is very beautiful because there are fresh chery blossoms in Spring. The park is colored in pink.

...Sorry, I must sleep for today's work. I am looking forward the day when my photo is reflected from the panoramio service into the google map.

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