English Conversation School

It may be a good idea for English speakers to come to Japan.

In Japan, many English conversation schools are everywhere. If you hope, you can open the private school of English for adults and children. And if you wish more, you may be able to play a role of the priest at the Church for the wedding business :)

The corresponding demand to the abundant provision is big. First, many of business workers likely go to such schools from evening. Second, mothers earnest about her children make the children go there. Third, most of Japanese are not Christians. Nevertheless the christian wedding style is very popular and it has been provided as a kind of business service. As a result, it may cause the lack of priests.

Education fee is comparatively expensive, I think. But the opportunities where we speak English are rare. If we speak English suddenly, it may be difficult. So we must pay. Um, it's OK!

In fact I'm thinking about going to the school. I'm planning to go to US from August. But I don't know if my English make US people understand, or not. Especially, I'm worry about the check at airports. In the past when I was a student, my English couldn't be understood at the Vancouver Airport in Canada. That remains as trauma even now ;-

By the way, I am sitting in the crowded commuting train today. Frankly, fat men on both sides are very heavy(, and they smell bad). I'm being pressed from both sides, and being dead.
However, seeing ahead, I found a foreign lady is standing in front of me. Her hair is short and gold. She has a pamphlet of the English conversation school to which I am planning to go. She is eating chewing gum, and seems rich because she has many accessories. And the school is opened at churches in Chiba...

I felt a little bit business color of the school. That is to say, the impression and interests of the school is going down in me.

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