Comparison of Exactness in associate programs

As you see, I am using some advertises in the right bar. Recent associate programs provide us with easy tools. With the tools, we can post advertising related to my page automatically. As a result they are appropriate for you who are readers of my page.

In my using programs, Google ads seems the most excellent because of the exactness and the update frequency reflecting my contents into the advertises. The advantages gives readers not only the efficient ads but also enjoyable new contents information. Furthermore, its display speed is great high. It reduces the overload of users. Google ads exists as if it is due to users. So I like it. However the registration of Google ads is complex.

Others are lack of interests. The contents seem unexpected and not exact. The update period is guessed as once a week or two weeks. cannot reflect my Nihongo contents into their ads. On the other hand, and Rakuten cannot correspond to the English document or not accurate in their anasis. And and seems to be accessed with some delay.

I'd like to see the tendency continuously.

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