Advanced Study of Statistics

Nowadays I utilize statistics in my work to gather and analyze the mass data of program which goes an incomprehensible explanation. But I have no experiences about Statistics, so I've looked for good teaching materials.

Some days ago, I found the good one. That is...

"Manga de Wakaru Toukeigaku / マンガでわかる統計学"

Immediately, I bought it :)

I've started reading it since yesterday, I find out that the book is very very suited to the beginner of statistics, for example, not also high school students but me. It's so much understandable and practical, I think.

In Nihon, there is the same kind of books like it in several field. And they are recently very popular. If you have interests, please don't hesitate to try them. It's very fun!
(But my wife looks at me with suspicious.)

I also like Kodera-san's books about the differential and integral calculus and the linear algebra. They helped me a lot when I was in the undergraduate.

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