Getting Visa at the US Embassy, Tokyo

To obtain Visa, I went to US Embassy in Tokyo.

In this morning, there were so many policemen in Roppongi because the President of the People's Republic of China had been in Tokyo. China and Nihon have a serious problem about the World War II even today between each other. Additionally China has another, which I refrain writing, and it is very known in Nihon. I think that the policemen in Japan made an effort so as not to cause any trouble.

It is also the same in the US embassy. I and my wife received security checks, and then as a result our mobile phones, a digital still camera, an IC dictionary had to be left with the embassy security. Although my PHS would be called if there had been any trouble in my work, it was made impossible to notify me. And I lost the way to know English words immediately when interviews. I was very sad ;-

The steps in the embassy are only 3. There are the waiting times between each step, which takes 30-40 minutes.

  1. Checks documents.

  2. Takes prints of fingers

  3. Interviews us

All of them were very easy and simple. Although I had heard that the interview had held in English, it finished in Nihongo from the start to the end. It was lucy!

If no problems, the Visa will go to my company. Then I'm almost ready to go to US. The big mission remained is to decide where I live. I need dive into the internet to know California life :)

After all, we went to "National Art Center, Tokyo" in Nogizaka nearby Roppongi. I and my wife would like to eat lunch course in the restaurant of the museum. The lunch course costs 1,800 yen, but it would be worth with 5,000 yen. In our regret, we couldn't eat it because the course was out of the limit. So we expect the next time!

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