The First Damage in Yahoo! JAPAN Auction

I was suffered from Yahoo! JAPAN Auction. It is the first time since I started to use it for about 5 years ago.

To my regret, I will have to pay the service cost because the winning bidder who had a new ID of Yahoo! JAPAN went away! Another items which he won were the same, and owners of the items had to canceled them... I did the same.

The problem is that it is necessary to pay expenses to Yahoo JAPAN! even if owners are cheated.

By the way, Yahoo JAPAN! has the campaign that expenses to exhibit products are free now. So I display my item again. :)

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JapanA さんのコメント...

It's really sad you feel this way with Yahoo! Japan Auction. Well, you just need to safeguard your account and make sure you transact with valid and legal IDs only.