My Garmin GPS was dead after webupdating, and now revived!

I tried to update the unit software of the Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS device by using Garmin WebUpdater for Mac on MacOSX(Snow Leopard).Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS Receiver

However it failed to update the device, and sadly the device seemed dead. The symptom was the really same to this post. He was finally forced to pay additional money $160 for a new device by Garmin!

However my device was not dead completely. Like the following post, I found my device was alive when I continued to hold the joystick up and observed the device manager status on WindowsXP SP3. While keeping the joystick up, I saw my device on the device manager! And fortunately the Garmin WebUpdater for Windows recognized the device!

I noticed if I released the joystice, Windows lost the device.  So I started the update process holding the joystick up... And then it successfully finished!
Now I get the new firmware by using Windows!

As Pavel said, it might have been a "lesson". But the lesson is quite expensive! It is actually a donation to Garmin.

If you have the same environment to me like following, please DON'T update your Garmin GPS device on MacOSX any more:

I believe it's the smartest way!

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