Scary English Lesson - Jan 22nd 2009 12:22

Today I tried to attend an English class. The class is about vocabulariy and pronunciation, and is held at the International Center of my university once a week. I went today for the first time.

I don't know why, but the teacher strongly said to everyone that "This class is an advanced class of the university that has many foreign students. Beginners have to go to town schools."

There were Asians (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese), a European, and a South American (maybe). Everyone except for me could speak English very well and could understand the teacher's English. Honestly, it was so hard for me to keep up with her. I had to work my brain very, very hard.

Suddenly she asked a Japanese lady a question. Though it was a trivial question and I forget what it was, the student couldn't understand it. Then the teacher got angry, and said that they had to talk about classes held outside of the university after this class. What awful words she said!

The student was ashamed, got angry, and left the room. I sympathize with her... However, the teacher seemed to reflect on herself a little bit after that.

I also had difficulty understanding English because the teacher forbid students to use their dictionaries. Because it was she that had forbidden dictionaries, I asked her everything I couldn't understand. A French guy helped me, but the teacher answered my questions to help me understand. I thought she must have regretted what she said to the lady earlier...

I think the class is definitely an advanced one, and the teacher must be a professional. Even though it was hard for me, the level might have been adequate for me. I guess nobody could enjoy it, though. I want to learn English while enjoying it. I am wondering if I should stop attending the class.

Unfortunately, I don't have any contact information for the Japanese student who left the class. I hope she doesn't stop learning English.

Additionally, I wonder if Japanese lessons are also so scary and awful, or not.

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