Where Should I Brush My Teeth? - Dec 05th 2008 03:26

Today I learned that I should brush my teeth after lunch AT TOILETS.
(Later, I knew further that the bathroom in home is the best place.)

As you know (but I didn't know), restrooms in U.S.A. are usually messy and dirty just like toilets at parks in Japan which aren't often cleaned.

So I went to a kitchen in my university building to do it. But my agent who is really kind told me that "This is the kitchen and it should be clean. So you better go to the restroom to brush your teeth.". I answered "Really? The toilet room is actually a little bit dirty, isn't it? Umm... But it's OK. I will go there.". The reason I said so is because I know "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." So I had to obey her advice.

However once I brushed my teeth there, I felt really grossed out. Fortunately, there were no people in the restroom. But I may hear the sound of people using the toilet when I am brushing my teeth...

In Japan, the case might be that a separated space to wash or rinse your mouth is placed next to the toilet. This space is cleaner than the toilet. But if you don't like to brush your teeth there, you may be allowed to do it in the kitchen, I think.

What do other people think about my situation? Should I continue brushing my teeth in the restroom? Today I utterly thought that Japan is a very clean country.

By the way, cost for treating cavities are extremely expensive when we have cavities in U.S.A. So I can't help but continue to brush my teeth.

I so much thank lang-8 kind users for correcting my English.

Additionally, a kind lang-8 user told me that it is very rude to brush one's teeth in front of others in U.S.A. (It's usual in Japan.)
So I decided only to rinse my mouth after lunch.

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