A Vietnamese Restaurant in Los Altos - Dec 20th 2008 02:18

Today I had lunch with my Russian friend, who leaves U.S.A. to Russia next week. The financial crisis brought damages all over the world. He had to interrupt temporarily his scholarship program and had to be back to his country to work again for his company.

So I invited him for lunch in a Japanese restaurant with my Japanese friend and my wife after taking him to Comcast (an ISP) to cancel his Internet account. According to my friend's blog, this restaurant called Sumika was supposed to be a good one. We were looking forward to it. But unfortunately the restaurant finished lunch time just 5 minutes before we got there. As a result we had to look for another restaurant. After walking the side street of Main Street, we found a Vietnamese restaurant and decided to enter into it because my Japanese friend likes Vietnamese foods.

Except for this friend, that was the first time for us to eat Vietnamese foods. I tried Bun-thit-nuong, a Vietnamese vermicelli (thin rice noodle) with sweet-and-sour sauce, beef and chicken, and vegetables. It didn't come with soup. That was a different point from Pho. The noodle itself had no taste, but the sauce complemented it. It was probably a delicious dish, but I didn't have any words to express the taste. Other people felt the same...

We were supposed to be talking about how we felt about the US, how much we like the US, what we thought about Mr.Obama, and where the US. was going to... But it was impossible while we were eating because each of us was trying to find out what the Vietnamese food was. Finally I wonder whether or not I was able to say goodbye properly to my Russian friend.

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