Joined SNS Lang-8

I knew SNS Lang-8 through my friend's blog. Lang-8 is a place where someone posts a message in their non-native language, and then other native people correct the message.

When I registered myself, I found out that the site is great! Immediately I corrected a message posted in Nihongo by perhaps a Chinese user. Lang-8 has a special user interface to modify other user's messages as a comment. It's different from usual blog sites.

I have used this blog site to practice writing English. But Lang-8 seems more proper than Blogger. However I wouldn't like to migrate over to Lang-8 completely and discard this site...

It might be the best for me to maintain the both sites... Fortunately it has a function to refer to other blog sites. I modify my setting in Lang-8 as this blog can be referred by my profile page in Lang-8.

If you are interested in writing non-native language posts, why don't you visit Lang-8? There are so many users all over the world those who can correct your message with their native skills. Now it's free!

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