Carmel, a Beatiful Place

We visited Monterey and Carmel via Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.

Monterey was an old town and seemed to be nostalgic. But it was not suitable for sightseeing, I think. It is because the Clam Chowder I ate was not better than ones of Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz I had ate (you cannot believe, but the clam chowder did not include any clams!), and because the aquarium was quite expensive but very normal... So I think almost all Japanese whose country consists of islands can skip this place. But it's important for families with children to visit the aquarium because it is a good educational place (not for sightseeing). We can see pretty sea otters and enjoy quiz shows (of course in English).

Carmel is a beautiful place to see sun sets. Sand of the Carmel beach is white as if it is snow. You can see orange-colored sky when it is sun set time. The day I saw it was cloudy... So I'd like to try to see it again!
Additionally Carmel has many natures and view points such as the Point Of Lobos and the waterfront of 17 Mile Drive. I could see wild otters and sea lions at the Point Of Lobos. They were very nice places even if they are only for seeing. I would also like to visit them again.

So if you come to the Silicon Valley, you cannot miss Carmel!

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