Vacuum Cleaner Made in USA

I got a vacuum cleaner from Japanese who go back to Japan soon.

It cost $10. It's enough for me to use it for a year.
And it is so big and heavy. It must be American size.

It strongly sounds and works. But almost power seems to spend its roller which turns out dust from carpet. The power to vacuum dust is too little! So I found litter in the hose of the vacuum cleaner, which the previous owner had taken in.
The power of Japanese vacuum cleaner is stronger as many times than US.

Of course, how to clean the room is different between Japan and US. So I must think about and change how to clean my room with the cleaner.

(I think that the cleaner of Japan is excellent in the point of the sound and power
compared with the United States cleaner. )

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misza さんのコメント...

Oh! So you are in The States! The difference between American and Japanese vacuum cleaner is more the difference between brands and model isn’t it? What would be very interesting for me is what do you think about American food :).

moririn さんのコメント...

Thank you for coming, again!

Yes, I'm in US now.

I heard that almost all of US vacuum cleaners are very noisy and don't have much power to vacuum up dust.

But it may come from the tradition, how to clean up your room. In US, it is usual to clean carpets with carpet cleaners, I think. So it may be important for cleaners to kick out carpet. But in Japan, we don't usually do so... How about you?

However Japanese cleaners are light, small, powerful, silent, and etc. So I think it is easier to use, I think.

Wmm, foods? I've never met very delicious foods. Basically, eating in restaurants is very expensive for me in California, and the foods are not as delicious as I expects. However because I've stayed here only for 2-3 weeks, so let me find excellent foods from now on and introduce them.

So please look forward to the report.

Thank you.

misza さんのコメント...

I don’t care so much about a vacuum cleaner, because I don’t have any carpet. The only one I had had was destroyed by my dog… So it is enough to use my old vacuum cleaner which is not the best but quite enough for bare floor.
I’ve asked about food, because I suppose that the American food is much worse then Japanese. I think it might be difficult for you… Probably this is a stereotype, but how to not follow the stereotype? I experienced food in US a few time, and the only one thing which I remember as good, was sushi in San Diego… I’m really curious about your opinion about quality of, let say, "American" sushi. How far from it is "true" sushi?

moririn さんのコメント...

I think you are right. When I ate the Italian food at the best restaurant in Palo Alto city, I was surprised at the Caesar salad. It was like pickles covered with white dressing and strong vinegar taste. I thought that it was so in U.S., however other restaurant does not cook so. It was amazing event in the best Italian restaurant, but not so bad I think.

And about sushi. I've never eaten American sushi. I'd like to try it because it's very funny. I've heard from my associates that the true Sushi even in U.S. is very good but expensive. So if you'd like to eat true sushi, please go to Japan. It must be reasonable and very delicious!