A Wonder in the Train

I wrote my situation of commuting in Japan yesterday. I use trains in my commuting, and I know that there are some mystery in the train. This morning I'd like to describe one of them.

Too many people are commuting in all the morning. Although nobody can believe, my body had been lifted by people in the commuting train in my youth because of congestion and my light weight.

The number of standing people exceeds the capacity of the trains, but what I wanna say is a wonder about sitting people in seats. I name the wonder the middle age phenomenon that the middle age people make their legs open apart in the figure of V.

Popular seats in commuting trains are arranged in a lengthways line. One seat accommodates 7 people. But it is the case of people of normal. The size of almost middle age workers are big. Especially their bellies and hips are unbelievable. So if only such a person sits, the seat becomes narrow. But that's the way it goes.

Nevertheless, some workers open their legs apart. They sit shallowly and claim their territory by opened legs figuring the 'V' character as if Yinling of Joytoy, the famous talent in Japan, shapes her legs in 'M'(:-

It is absolutely annoying, but excessively ridiculous. So I would be glad if I could take a photo in the train and introduce it here.

Is it a custom only of Japanese?
I'd like to know how is commuting in other countries.

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