The Important Keywords to Choose Your Onsen (a spa).

The Japanese Spa: A Guide to Japan's Finest Ryokan and OnsenYesterday before yesterday, I stayed at Yufuin in Kyusyu to enjoy the Onsen(spa). Yufuin is famous for the Onsen. It is very plentiful in the amount of hot water welling up from there.

As you might know, Nihon has a number of spas. Yufuin belongs to the most famous ones. However there are many Onsen inns in each place. Do you know how you should choose it? What should be it besed on?

The answer is two key words. One is "Gensen". Another is "Kake-Nagashi".

Gensen means that the water used in the hotel is pumped out both directly and in the place. Gensen might mean that the amount of the water is enough because the hotel do not have to need more water from other hotels. By Gensen, you will be able to experience the fresh Onsen.

Kake-Nagashi means that the water is provided as it is. Some of spas boil up the water or thin the water with the service water to cool the water or to raise the amount of the water. Kake-Nagashi must also be rich in the amount of the water as well as Gensen. With Kake-Nagashi, you will enjoy the original Onsen.

Although I introduced two key words, Gensen and Kake-Nagashi. When we try to look up the key words in the many hotels, it will be found that such hotels are a very few.

The quality of Onsen that hotels servicing both Gensen and Kake-Nagashi provides must be reliable! Please remember the two words and consult with your tour conductor by the words.

The hotel I stayed is Yufuin Mall. The Onsen quality was very good because of Gensen Kake-Nagashi. And both the dinner and breakfast were very beautiful and delicious. Then the cost was very reasonable. I can recommend you the hotel.

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